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The LearningStudio Legacy Single Sign-On (SSO) process supports both the ability to launch the Personal Student Homepage (PSH), also called the portal or dashboard, or to initiate a Direct Course Launch (DCL) using the user's login ID and course call number.

Note: The use of the legacy SSO interfaces requires setup fees and annual maintenance fees. Instead, consider using the newest version of inbound LS Entry APIs, which supports DCL using a user and course ID. This legacy option should only be used when you need to launch the PSH (such as when you don’t have your own portal and course-listing solution).

Here is how this approach works:

  1. First, you’ll need to set up a new configuration with your Strategic Customer Operations team. Once setup, you’ll need to authenticate the user within your system before making any calls to the API.
  2. Make a RESTful call to the appropriate end point, such as for a PSH or DCL, see Integration
  3. On success, the service returns a short-lived URL for the resource.
  4. Use an HTTP 302 redirect to point the user's browser to the resource URL.
  5. The browser loads the URL for the PSH or course.

Important: The resource URL is short lived and expires quickly. You should use the resource URL as soon as you receive it

Making RESTful API Calls

The Legacy Inbound SSO system uses a different approach to authentication than the standard LearningStudio Course APIs. Please review the integration details for this specific API.


This solution requires a one-time setup fee of $2,500 and an ongoing maintenance fee of $1,000 per year. If you do not need to launch to the PSH, you can opt to use the inbound LS Entry APIs option, for which there are no fees.

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