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The LearningStudio RESTful API allows developers to access the data from individual courses or users.

Start with Conventions to learn the basic rules of the road and the philosophies behind the our REST API. Then explore the REST API Reference to learn about each of the information domains and the APIs available for them.

Most Popular API Requests

Here is a list of the most popular API requests within LearningStudio, in the order of usage popularity, to give you some ideas about where to start.

Course Information and Content

Assignments & Evaluation


Utility APIs

For a complete list of the REST API resources provided by LearningStudio, click here.

RESTful API Primers

  • Learn REST: A RESTful Tutorial - An introductory tutorial about HTTP RESTful best practices with additional resources to get you started. Included on this site:
  • REST API Resources - Links to additional resources and documents.
  • GitHub - RestExpress - Code repository and documents with generic sample code to get you started using RESTful APIs.
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