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Before proceeding with setup, please verify that your implementation will meet the following requirements.

  • Requires a SAML 2.0 compliant Identity Provider(IdP)
  • Must have the ability to pass the LearningStudio username as an attribute in the successful assertion
  • Connection to only one LearningStudio\MyLabs Plus campus per IdP

Note: If you have two LearningStudio or MyLabsPlus campuses that need to authenticate against a single IdP, you must have the ability to pass the LearningStudio\MLP clientstring as an attribute in the successful assertion to identify the campus to be launched.

Request Implementation

Send the following information in a request to enable Federated Authentication for your campus(s) to

  • Metadata file or URI from your IdP
  • Attribute in the metadata that will contain the LearningStudio\MLP username
  • URL where users will be redirected when clicking on the Logout button within LearningStudio
  • Credentials for a test user to verify the connection is functional

Our support team will configure the connection in our PingFederate instance and enable Federated Authentication on your campus(s). Once completed, they will send you the following:

  • Metadata file from PingFederate
  • SSO launch URL

The metadata will allow you to complete the connection within your IdP and the SSO launch URL can be used for testing any user that exists in both systems when your configuration is complete.

Note: For ADFS implementations, we loosely follow the process in the TechNet article here.

Once testing is complete, you can add the SSO url to your platform and work with your SCO to remove any existing login boxes on your LearningStudio\MLP campus if needed.

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