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To develop against LearningStudio APIs, you will be given access to sandbox courses and data within the LearningStudio Sandbox Campus, a developer-friendly instance of LearningStudio. It provides a basic campus user interface (UI) with standard features provided by LearningStudio. You can familiarize yourself with the LearningStudio features to give you ideas about what to implement for your project. Also, you can use the APIs to make requests to LearningStudio and then see the results in the UI.

As part of your sandbox, you will be provided multiple user IDs and passwords you can use to experiment with the different experiences for the various user role types. As you will learn, LearningStudio functionality changes based on the role type of the user (for example, a Professor will have additional abilities as compared to a Student). See User Roles and Abilities for more information about how the user role type controls access to the LearningStudio functionality.

Though it's called Sandbox, this campus is a full production instance of LearningStudio. Whatever you build here will usually work seamlessly on any other institution's instance, and you will see the same performance and behavior in sandbox as you will for institutions.

Good Neighbor Guidelines for Sandbox Campus

Developers are welcome to experiment and innovate with the LearningStudio APIs; however, as this is a shared environment, certain rules and caveats do apply. In order to maintain a stable environment for all our partners, please keep the following in mind.

  • Be a good neighbor, stay within your own course(s). You will be enrolled in sample courses and/or course shells suitable for your work. Do not attempt to hack your way into other developers' courses, and do not update other courses/terms you did not create (if using SIS Integration APIs).
  • Please observe any soft or hard rate limits on your API calls.
  • Please be careful with automated scripts and don't allow them to run unmonitored during development.
  • When working with SIS Integration APIs (creating courses and terms), please avoid creating excessive terms, courses, and users. Note that we may delete terms and courses that appear to be merely the result of testing these APIs.
  • If you are given rights to create courses, or if you are using the SIS Integration APIs, the terms and courses you create must have meaningful names that reflect your company/app/project. Do not use names that are just random letters and numbers or else they may be deleted.
  • Please notify the Developer Services team if you need to test the APIs at scale or under heavy load (if developing automated scripts).

Breaking these rules can result in the immediate termination of your developer keys and/or sandbox credentials.

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Always Learning