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There are two stages of setting up a new Outbound SSO for a client institution.

Stage 1: Creating the Integration

New SSO integrations need to be set up by the PDN's Developer Services team. Because LearningStudio is a software-as-a-service platform, when an integration is created, it is available (but not activated) for all LearningStudio campuses.

To start the new-integration process:

  1. Submit a New SSO Request
  2. Generate your test users and course by creating a new API Key. Please read this material for more information on how to get an API key and sandbox courses generated. You should always test the integration in the Sandbox Campus before rolling out to client institutions.

Once your integration configuration has been completed on the Sandbox Campus, the Developer Services team member will notify you that the SSO has been enabled and include the launch URL you will need for testing.

If you are not able to use LTI for your integration, you can request a new Proprietary SSO here

> For more information on how to use the Launch URL within LearningStudio, read Integrating Links in LearningStudio.

Flexible Integrations and Best Practice Integrations

Our Outbound SSO systems, especially LTI, are quite flexible to suit most partner requirements. For example, we can configure unique endpoints for every customer, or unique set of parameter configurations (or custom parameters and static values), on a per-customer basis.

Suggestion: Our best practice recommendation is that endpoints and parameter configurations be generic for all customers, and that you use the OAuth Consumer Key/Secret to identify the incoming customer. This makes for faster customer configurations. Use the Developer Community to ask for recommendations on your SSO configuration.

Stage 2: Institutional Agreements

Once the integration is completed and you've tested it on the Sandbox Campus, it can be available for LearningStudio clients. However, before it can be activated for other campuses, a partnership or integration agreement must be in place. This agreement governs the protection of student data and other important issues.

Once that agreement is complete and you've sold your solution to a LearningStudio client, the institution should contact their Strategic Customer Operations team to request the configuration. The SCO team will lead the process, ensure all the proper paperwork is in place, and then request the integration be activated for the customer.

You can complete Stage 1 and work with LearningStudio APIs and SSO without a partnership agreement (limited to the Sandbox Campus). If you'd like to learn more about becoming a partner or approved integration, please email the Technology Partnerships team.

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