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You can integrate your Student Information System with LearningStudio through either our SOAP-based APIs or through batch files. The following table describes the key features of these two methods.

Feature SOAP API Batch files
When the operations occur Nearly synchronous Asynchronous, typically overnight execution
Number of operations per request Mostly single (some batching is possible) Multiple
Best used for Frequent, individual transactions or when SIS updates should be immediately reflected in LearningStudio. Mass updates that are not time-sensitive, such as at the beginning of a term.
Integration with LearningStudio Good for keeping LearningStudio and SIS in near-exact synchronicity Good if making few or infrequent changes to LearningStudio
Format SOAP-based XML Comma-separated values (CSV) or XML
Requirements Code that makes SOAP requests Can be used from any SIS system
User properties that can be modified Extended user properties Limited user properties
User login information Can change user login information Cannot change user login information

Use Cases for Key Operations

The following table describes several use cases, and which of the two techniques is best to use.

Use Case SOAP API Batch files
Create a term  
Create an empty course
Copy a single course or copy the contents of a course
Copy multiple courses into new courses  
Develop a web application that provides the ability to make changes to terms, courses, and users  
Add a large number of students at the beginning of a semester  
Create and/or enroll a single user
Update users’ personal information
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