Always Learning

This Entry Point launches a course and displays the course home page. It is equivalent to the legacy Direct Course Launch.


This SSO Entry Point allows you to open a course on a specific content item.


Use this SSO Entry Point to deliver a teacher or teaching assistant to a specific dropbox basket inbox in the Dropbox tool.


Launch a LearningStudio course and immediately show the dropbox tool.


Launches a LearningStudio course and immediately shows the Students tab of the Dropbox (for teachers and teaching assistants).


Launch into a view of a student's assignments and grades in the course gradebook.


Launch LearningStudio and immediately show the bulk grading screen to enter grades for all students on a single gradable item.


Show the course gradebook immediately upon launching a LearningStudio course.


Launch a course and immediately open a specific topic within a threaded discussion content item.


Always Learning