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The SIS API can be used to manage terms and course sections. Terms are periods of time when courses occur (for example, winter quarter for 2016), and contain information such as billing type and dates for starting, stopping, registration, adding, and dropping. Course sections contain information about courses that occur in a given term. A course section has both course data (description, section number, section title, registration limit, etc) and course content (discussion threads, assignments, exams, etc.).

Many courses are taught in multiple terms. For this reason, a common task is to use the SIS API to copy a course from one term to another. You can copy a course with or without content.

The following functionality is available through the Terms and Courses SIS APIs:

Creating terms can only be accomplished through the SIS APIs, not through the batch files, and you can only include one operation per request.

Service Endpoint and WSDL files

The URLs to use for Terms and Courses API requests are:

The WSDL files can be downloaded here:

Service Versions

The current version of the Terms and Courses APIs is v2.2. The documentation reflects the parameters, values, and operations that are available in that version. If you are using an earlier version, this documentation may not match what's available to you.

You are encouraged to upgrade to version 2.2, which is mostly compatible with earlier versions, except where noted.

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