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The SIS API can be used to manage users (i.e., students) and what courses they are enrolled in. The following functionality is available through the SIS API:

  • Create users
  • Update users
  • Enroll users in courses
  • Unenroll users from courses (e.g., “drop” a course)
  • Change user roles within a course

A single SOAP message can trigger either one or many operations for users and enrollments. Examples of multiple operations that can be executed in a single message include:

  • Creating or updating users, including their enrollment status
  • Enroll multiple users in a course section
  • Enroll a user in multiple courses

Note: When updating user information, any information that is included in the request that is new will be added if it doesn’t currently exist, or modified if it does. Any information that is not included will not be deleted.

The SOAP message format is found here.

Service Endpoint and WSDL Files

The WSDL file can be obtained here:

Download the WSDL

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