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Pearson LearningStudio is the leading Learning Management System for fully online Higher Ed programs, and it's open for innovation through extensive APIs. Here's a few of the ideas we've seen for how to leverage this platform technology.

Curious to see what other developers have built using Pearson APIs? You can review summaries, screenshots and other details for sample applications within the Showcase section our site here - PDN Product Showcase

We are also continuing work on building out our GitHub presence for which you can review the available source code for a subset of our sample applications here - PDN GitHub

Mobile Applications (Native or Web-Based)

Build mobile applications to innovate the course experience on the go - which could be a new user interface, blending information from other systems or around the web. Today's students need to study on the train or on their lunch breaks - build them the apps to help them learn where they want.

Custom Portals (for LearningStudio Clients)

By displaying course details—like current grades, recent activity, etc—in your school's portal system you create a richer user experience. For example, you might leverage the Upcoming Events API to enable students and instructors to deep link into a given assignment and complete any necessary assigned work. Plus, you can provide users with a single point of access to key data from more than just LearningStudio - such as student life calendars or financial aid status.

Seamlessly Integrate an SIS

Student Information Systems are the systems of record for course catalogs, user information, official transcripts, and more. Courses are usually configured in the SIS and then must be duplicated in LearningStudio. This can be automated with either (or both) batch files or SIS APIs - reducing the time, effort, and error rate for program administrators.

Dashboards and Student Success Tools

Use the LearningStudio Course APIs to find more meaningful insights for teachers or advisors, helping them help their students succeed. The APIs provide access to a rich amount of information, not all of which is built in the user interface like your users may need. Imagine what insights you could show and with them, improve learner outcomes.

Student Success Tools

Our annual Student Coder Contests reveal all sorts of insightful ideas to what students need to succeed. The first year's third place winner, for example, created a mobile application that used course schedule information to automatically schedule study time on the student's calendar.

Real-World Integrations

Innovation doesn't stop at software. One of our clients taught many courses in actual on-ground classrooms, and needed a more efficient way to take and grade attendance. They built a way for students to swipe their ID cards and have attendance tracked and the grade updated in real time in the LearningStudio grade book.

Beyond the LMS

Innovative ideas don't always have to fit inside LearningStudio's user interface. Leverage the APIs to build something entirely distinct - and get it to market faster by leveraging our gradebook, learning tools, or mixing in other Pearson APIs as well. Why reinvent the wheel for the basics when you could be reinventing digital education?

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