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Highlights the potential of LearningStudio Eventing when combined with 3rd party APIs. Best practices for subscription management and event processing are explained in the source code on GitHub.


Name Usage Familiarity
LearningStudio Eventing for learning activity High
Google Calendar for managing calendar Low
Google Plus for accessing email address Low


Online students bear the burden of self motivation more than traditional students. Institutions measure participation of online students based on LMS activity. It’s easy for an engaged student to let a few days slip away without online course activity.


Students visualize their history of online activity within their Google calendar. Each course activity begins or extends a calendar event representing the course. The specific activity is logged in the event. Consecutive daily activity forms a chain on the calendar.


The effects of a student's calendar serving as a reminder and motivation tool include:

  • Increased participation improves the student's academic experience and performance.
  • Students willingly interact in their online environment.
  • The need for a participation requirement disappears.



LearningStudio users opt-in to having their online class activity recorded on their calendars. A link within a portal would allow users to sign up at their discretion. Registration authorizes this application to manage a secondary Google calendar. This calendar must belong to the Google email address of the LearningStudio user.

1. Provide Email Address

2. Confirm Email Address

3. Authorize Calendar Access

Learning Events

Users participate in their courses as usual after registration. Many of their activities (exams, discussions, dropbox) will result in published events. The application captures and records these events on the calendar of the initiating user. Calendar events extend if they exist, or a new calendar entry begins if one is not present. The events extend until the user's daily activity stops.

1. Participate in Class Activity

2. Class Activity Logged in Calendar

3. Consecutive Days of Activity Forms a Chain

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