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All new LTI based integrations need to be setup by the PDN's Developer Services team. Complete this form to tell us about your integration details. We use this material to both build the integration and create our internal documentation for speedier customer configurations later.

  • Please complete this form for each new environment (e.g., if you have staging or demo links distinct from your production links).
  • If you vary your endpoints on a per-customer basis, provide links for specifically for your Sandbox Campus test implementation.

Learn more about the two-stage process for integrating with LearningStudio and what to expect after filling out this form.

Request Your LTI Integration

LTI Details

Please describe the terminology you use at your company for the following items. When our client services team reaches out to you to start a new client configuration, they will ask for these items using your terms. This avoids confusion and streamlines new client configurations.

To enable your integration on the sandbox campus, please provide an OAuth consumer key and secret.

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