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If a course was copied from another one, the source course is called the new one's parent course. This is a common approach for institutions that regularly re-use courses and simply duplicate new copies from a master version (called the Master Course Model). This API provides information about the source course.

Note: If the course was not copied from another one, this API returns an HTTP Status of 404 - Not Found.

Supported Roles and Authentication Protocols

Type Supported Values
Authentication Protocols OAuth 1.0a, OAuth 2.0
Valid for Roles (OAuth 2): Professor, Teaching Assistant, Student

API Request

API Endpoints

HTTP Verbs and URIs

GET /courses/{courseId}/parentCourse{.format}?v=2
  • Retrieves the Last Activity for the specified user.


Parameter Description Valid Values
{courseId} LearningStudio Course ID or relevant course overload for the child course
  • Numeric ID issued by LearningStudio
  • ccn={callNumber}
{.format} Desired format of response data. See Response Formats. .json , .xml , or Blank

Query String Parameters

No Query String parameters are supported.

Request Body


API Response

Response Header

This API returns the standard HTTP Status Codes used by the LearningStudio APIs. There are no special headers returned by the API.

Note: if no parent course can be found, the API returns only an HTTP Status Code of 404 - Not Found with no further information.

Response Body



Property Descriptions

Name Description
{courseId} LearningStudio course ID.
{displayCourseCode} The vernacular course code for the course, such as MATH-101. This is determined by the institution and may be repeated between many courses.
{courseTitle} Title of the course.
{callNumber_X} An array of call numbers assigned to the course by the institution.
{termId} The LearningStudio ID of the term to which this course is assigned. Important: you should not parse this URL to find the ID. Instead, use a GET request against this complete URL to retrieve Term details. Learn more.




GET /courses/123456/parentCourse



    "title":"Psychology 101",
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