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The Kitchen Manager prototype app is your hands-free, virtual cooking assistant for Windows Phone 7 smartphones. Using voice recognition and text-to-speech functionality, the app lets you search the vast collection of recipes from best-selling Pearson textbooks tested in the kitchens of top culinary schools available through the Kitchen Manager API and guides you through the cooking process.


The hand-free, voice control feature is particularly important in the kitchen where you are likely to have dirty hands while cooking.


The Kitchen Manager WP7 prototype app was developed in collaboration between the Future Technologies team at Pearson and Future Platforms. Besides showcasing the Kitchen Manager API, it explores the Windows Phone 7 Operating System, and specifically the Metro-style UI, the design style developed by Microsoft that will also be incorporated into the Windows 8 OS. Furthermore, it utilises the speech recognition and text-to-speech functionality provided by the SpeechKit for Windows Phone 7.5 as part of the Dragon Mobile SDK.


Feedback from Future Platforms developer


"A great start for version 1 - it was a joy to get started with, simple and straightforward with next to no impediments. Thanks!"


About Pearson Future Technologies and Future Platforms


Pearson Future Technologies


The Future Technologies team is the corporate R&D unit within Pearson Plc. The team delivers actionable developments including proof of concepts and prototypes using new digital devices, tools and frameworks for all of Pearson’s businesses whether they are in Education, Publishing or Business Information.

Future Platforms


Future Platforms is a group of mobile specialists who have been delivering mobile apps and mobile solutions since August 2000. Their clients include Pearson, Orange, the BBC, Channel 4, Microsoft, the AA,, Hasbro, Intel and many more. In November 2011 they were acquired by Vexed Digital.

Read more on Future Platforms here.

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