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The Grades API includes the ability to retrieve gradable content for a course as well as retrieving and editing grades for individual enrolled participants in the course. It also includes functionality for managing course gradebook properties.

Release Date: December 21, 2012

Affected Product: LearningStudio

Affected APIs: Grades/Gradebook

Release Date: 12/24/2013

Affected Products: LearningStudio

Affected API: Grades

Release Date: March 13, 2014

Affected APIs: Announcements, Courses, Course Enrollment, Deeplinking, Exams, Grades, Schedules

Affected Products: LearningStudio

This guide describes how you would use our Grades APIs to create a custom category, add item in a course, and post grades with the data received in your LTI launch form.

Developer: Bridgepoint Education Level of Effort: Advanced
Developer: EDMC Level of Effort: Advanced
Developer: Pearson ePEN2 Level of Effort: Moderate

Retrieves the gradebook item for a given content item, if it exists.


Retrieve the gradebook structure and make changes to some settings for individual gradable items.


Retrieve the gradebook structure specific to a student and optionally include their grade for that item.


Retrieve the user's overall grade to date in a course.


Retrieves grades to date for multiple students in a course, up to 30. The results can be filtered by user ID or paginated for courses with more than 30 students.


Describes the event generated when a grade is created for a course gradebook item.

Message Type:

Describes the event contract generated when a grade is updated for a course gradebook item.

Message type:

The LearningStudio Grades API lets you manage grade data including retrieving, updating, and creating grade data.

This example of a professor and student dashboard aggregates information across all the active courses in which the user is currently enrolled.

Facebook Likes in LearningStudio: User Experience Example

For users that need to access core course features on the go, this mobile offering provides a rich user experience outside of the course environment.

Developed by PDN Developers Proficiency Time One Intermediate 1 Month

Retrieves, Creates, Updates, or Deletes Custom Categories in the gradebook.


Retrieve, create, and delete custom gradable items for a custom category


Retrieve all grades for a gradebook item, and create, update, or delete a grade for a student.


Retrieve, Create, Update, or Delete a grade for a student and gradable item.


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