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Software Pre-requisites

  1. JDK 1.8
  2. A Java IDE such as Eclipse Kepler(4.3.2) with Java 8 support - for Java EE Developers
  3. Maven - Standalone or IDE Plug-in. For ex: Maven Plug-in for Eclipse - m2e
  4. (Optional) Eclipse Jetty Plug-in / Standalone Jetty 6 Server or later / Standalone Tomcat 7 Server or later

Setup the Java SDK and Webapp

  1. Download the icodeon-java-sdk (download) and icodeon-java-webapp (download) projects
  2. Import the projects into Eclipse as Maven project (icodeon-java-sdk\pom.xml & icodeon-java-webapp\pom.xml)
  3. Build the projects using Maven clean & Maven install in Eclipse. Standalone Maven can be used to build the projects outside Eclipse

Run the Java Webapp

  1. The Java Webapp comes with a Maven Tomcat 7 Plug-in. Webapp can be launched by creating a "Maven Run Configuration" in Eclipse with the goal "tomcat7:run"
  2. If you are running Maven outside Eclipse, use "mvn tomcat7:run"
  3. Once the server starts, refer the Eclipse console to get the URL of the application. The URL by default will be: http://localhost:8080/icodeon-java-webapp. Launch this in a browser

Detailed Setup Documentation

Download step by step Java SDK and Webapp setup documentation

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