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Pearson SCORM Services enable educational and training media, packaged in the SCORM format, to be made available from any web location.

Pearson SCORM Services Player App

Pearson SCORM Services break the restriction that SCORM media must be used inside a learning management system. SCORM media is now freed to participate in the full range of online environments, globally, at scale. See the examples:

Pearson Interview Skills Pearson Human Resource Management
Interview Skills Resource Management

Pearson SCORM Services provide opportunities for catalogues of SCORM based learning materials to be freed from restrictions and used with formal and informal learning environments.

Pearson SCORM Services are supported by a software development kit (SDK) and expose a simple API for developers and integrators:

  1. POST Cartridge: SCORM learning materials are packaged into a .zip file, referred to as a content "cartridge" in this documentation. This API provides a way to upload SCORM media, ready to be displayed.

  2. Launch Player: SCORM media has to be displayed in a "player" app. This API provides a launch for the "player" (technically a SCORM run time environment). Bookmarks, scores and other user state captured by the "player" app may optionally be sent as "outcomes" to other services such as online grade books or social networks.

  3. DELETE Cartridge: This API provides a way for SCORM content to be deleted if no longer used.

What is SCORM?

SCORM is a set of technical specifications that define the packaging, tracking, scoring and sequencing of educational and training content.

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