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This API retrieves the total number of responses for a specific topic, the number of unread responses for a specified user, and the number of responses made by the specified user.

Supported Roles and Authentication Protocols

Type Supported Values
Authentication Protocols OAuth 1.0a, OAuth 2.0
Valid for Roles (OAuth 2): Professor, Teaching Assistant, Student

Note: Users can only retrieve their own data

API Request

API Endpoints

HTTP Verbs and URIs

GET /courses/{courseId}/threadeddiscussions/{contentItemId}/topics/{topicId}/responseCounts{.format}
  • Retrieves the response count information for a topic for a user.


Parameter Description Valid Values
{userId} LearningStudio User ID or relevant user overload.
  • Numeric ID issued by LearningStudio
  • loginid={clientString}|{username}
  • or replace /users/{userId} with /me
    (OAuth 2 only)
{courseId} LearningStudio Course ID or relevant course overload.
  • Numeric ID issued by LearningStudio
  • ccn={callNumber}
{contentItemId} LearningStudio Content Item ID of the threaded discussion. Numeric ID issued by LearningStudio
{topicId} LearningStudio Topic ID. Numeric ID issued by LearningStudio
{.format} Desired format of response data. See Response Formats. .json , .xml , or Blank

Query String Parameters

No query string parameters are supported.

Request Body


API Response

Response Headers

This API returns the standard HTTP Status Codes used by the LearningStudio APIs. There are no special headers returned by the API.

Response Body



Property Descriptions

Name Description
{totalResponseCount} Total number of responses for the topic.
{unreadResponseCount} Total number of unread responses the user has for the topic.
{personalResponseCount} Total number of responses the user made to the topic.




GET /courses/123456/threadeddiscussions/10012345678/topics/8000055/responseCounts



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