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Whemsy - (W)ealth, (H)ealth, (E)motion, (M)ind, (S)ocial, (Y)ou - is a self-development app which is aimed at people who want to develop good habits and routines such as health & fitness, diet, emotional wellbeing or self-development. It combines practical content, simplicity, social encouragement, progress tracking, positive feedback and gamification.

Users can track their own progress as well as their friends' progress. They can set themselves goals and targets in order to achieve their milestones. In addition, users can build habits by utilising content from the Pearson Education Brilliant Series.


Key features include:

  • Extensive goal and habit library
  • Unlimited habit tracking
  • Alerts and reminder system
  • Facebook integration

Future developments include crowd-sourcing tips for different routines and habits in order to enable users to actively share their tips with the community. The aim is to be similar to Wikipedia where people can search for information on how other people have achieved their goals in certain areas.


You can download the app on the App Store and on Google Play.


Whemsy recently signed a revenue share deal with Pearson Education!




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