Build with Pearson

The company behind Penguin Books, the Financial Times and multiple education businesses now has a developer platform.
Explore and test our APIs, and build your own applications using our exciting content.
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Step 1 - Explore

We have a huge range of APIs that cover everything from image libraries, to cooking
recipes to English Novels. Take a look for yourself...

Pearson Kitchen Manager

Provides recipes for enthusiasts and chefs from the Pearson Kitchen Manager API.

Food & Drink

Provides recipe content from various DK and Pearson Education cooking books.

Top 10 Guides

Provides content from the award-winning DK Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guides.

Brilliant Series

Provides content from the Pearson Brilliant Books series.

Penguin Classics

Provides content for developers from the Penguin Classics library.


This API provides content for developers to use from the dkimages library.

Visual QuickStart Guides

Provides content for developers from the Visual QuickStart Guides.

FT Press

Provides content from the world of business courtesy of the FT Press API.

Eyewitness Guides

Provides content from the award-winning DK Eyewitness Travel Guides.

Step 2 - Develop

Get started developing with Pearson in 3 easy steps - Simply register for free,
choose from our extensive library of APIs then start developing!
Create Account...
Choose Your API...
Start Developing!

Step 3 - Launch

Once you’ve developed your app you can launch it under the free usage tier
or by subscribing to one of our paid plans.


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