Introducing the Pearson Coders Group

Last year Pearson launched a company-wide community for developers to share insights and expertise called Coders. The internal community hosts ongoing discussions and stages presentations once a month from internal and external speakers.


The talks are on a variety of topics. Typically we have Pearson colleagues share their work or introduce certain technologies. We also have external speakers join the call to share their developer-oriented products or services, and are always looking to include new presentations.


Do you have something you’d like showcase on an upcoming Coders call? Please email Peter O’Shaughnessy for more information and read on for information about the group.


What is Coders’ audience?


Worldwide developers and technical people within Pearson. At the time of writing, we have over 350 members. Generally we have about 50-70 join the calls live, with more catching up with the recordings later.


In terms of technical expertise, it varies greatly. We have …

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A Recap of Pearson at SXSW 2014

Last month my team and I traveled to Austin, Texas for SXSW. Over the two weeks at the conference, Pearson hosted two learning lounges with a goal of creating an awesome networking lounge where educators and Edu attendees could come relax, recharge their devices, network and have one on one time with Pearson. Here’s a behind the scenes look at some of the event highlights:




Lounge Spaces:


These were two lounges we built for Edu and Interactive, with the aim of connecting with Edu goers, in an informal environment . 


We got some pretty cool feedback and responses from visitors, most notably this amazing sketch from @ProfessorJosh





Buzzworthy news and trends:




At SXSWedu we also announced the second round of Pearson Catalyst our virtual accelerator program, whereby edtech startups can submit their solutions to these challenges. Find out more at


Trending across both SXSWedu and Interactive was the  Read More

Recap of API Strategy and Practice Conference

Another dispatch from international man of mystery – Toby Sims


What is an API and what can we do with it? Well, err, yes.. quite.. it’s.. you know, what powers apps and stuff. Or much more succinctly ‘a predictable set of requirements that govern how one application or system can talk to another.’


Much better. Given that broad a scope, you can see the the possibilities are certainly much larger than just ‘putting information in my app’. Thus it came to pass that 3Scale and the effervescent Kin Lane of API Evangelist joined forces to create the third (and mightiest) API Strategy and Practice conference. Or Apistrat, if you’re lazy like me.


The main hall – photo courtesy of Kin Lane


The spectacular venue was the  Beurs Van Berlage in the Centre of Amsterdam. Much more welcoming than it’s former life as a commodity exchange, it provided a …

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Beeline Reader helps you fly through FT Articles and more!

We recently had a great communication from Andrew Cantino from Beeline Reader. As our client libraries are open source, he’d added some changes (which we gratefully accepted) and was kind enough to tell us about his project:



“BeeLine is really excited to have built a demo product using Pearsons’ APIs. We make a reading-enhancement tool called BeeLine Reader that increases reading speed, ease, and accessibility by using eye-guiding color gradients. As you can see on our website, BeeLine Reader uses colored text in a way that draws readers’ eyes from the end of one line to the beginning of the next. This technique increase reading speed dramatically (roughly 20%) for many readers, and it enables even more significant speed gains (up to 50%) for many readers with dyslexia, ADD, and vision problems.”


A sample of Beelined text


“Until now, the only way …

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Recap of Imperial College Wearables Hackathon

Pre-hack planning


A dispatch from Toby Sims


“Ah, the youth of today… students… etc etc”. Right, let’s put that one to bed shall we? Despite always getting a hard time in the press, the hundred or so Imperial College students and friends that gathered for ICHackUK couldn’t be closer to proof that the future holds some very exciting times indeed.


It seemed only a few weeks ago I’d met Max and Karen (organising) for coffee to discuss ways to be involved. Actually, it was a few weeks ago. The event had expanded from an idea and some enthusiasm to full blown Hackathon in four weeks and two days. As you’ll agree after diving in, that was some epic hustling.


So what was everyone here for? A broad brief of ‘hacking with cool bits of tech’ could sound a little dry until you take into account the …

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