Evoke and Captiv Win Big at the First-ever Publishing Hackathon in New York City


First place winner Evoke offered a new ‘way to discover young adult literature through characters.’

Last month (May 18 – 19, 2013) the very first publishing hackathon took place at The Alley in New York City, bringing together programmers, writers, designers, and book enthusiasts alike to propose a solution for online book discovery.


Typically at hackathons, Pearson is the only API provider for published content, so it was really great to meet with fellow publishing folk (Perseus Book Group, Librify, and The New York Public Library) in the tech environment that we’ve become so accustomed to.
The two-day hack event offered an excellent opportunity for experimentation in the previously untapped publishing vertical. By the end of the weekend 30 applications were submitted, however only 6 teams were chosen to present at the BookExpo the following weekend at the Jacob Javits Center.


Finalist Capitv offered 'an approach to mining events both global and personal to make better book recommendations.'

Finalist Capitv offered ‘an approach to mining events both global and personal to make better book recommendations.’


Ultimately Captiv and Evoke (which both used the Penguin Classics API) were chosen for the first and second place finalist prize. Other teams that tapped into Pearson’s Penguin Classics and Eyewitness Travel Guide APIs included Something2Read, IGNITE, and bookshelf.me. All of these applications can be seen at their respective links on Challenge Post.


This was a very impressive first event which resulted in a large number of high-quality projects. We truly look forward to participating in many more publishing hackathons in the future!


In case you missed it, watch a re-broadcast of the live stream from BEA here. Learn more about Evoke here.

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