Over The Air @ Bletchley Park

 This years event was my first taste of Over The Air (OTA) and what a great introduction it was.

The talks
There were great speakers and a really friendly bunch of devs doing some very cool things. Amongst my favourite had to be be Mo McRobert’s talk about the Open Data and APIs he’s working on at the BBC.


Also loved David Cuartielles and the Arduino stuff, which reminded me I still had somewhere in the basement that I’d not got around to using yet ! Lastly I thought Nick Shearer’s I’m in ur code was very interesting and was very pleased to see he even used the same quote from the Cloud Security Alliance that I had in my earlier bog entry.


The Hacks

Being part of the judging team was tough, very little time and so many apps and hacks to find categories and ranking for. Very sorry for over running the time we had to decide, but it was tough.

The Park itself

Was fantastic to take a tour around Bletchey Park and hearing about the work they did and also the role other countries like Poland did in bringing WWII to an end much sooner than would otherwise had happened by cracking the German cyphers.


The organisers and staff

Huge congratulations to Dan Applequist (@torgo) Matthew Cashmore (@matthewcashmore) and Margaret Gold (@mobilemaggie) for pulling it off, to the arm of staff who kept it running smooth and to Bletchley Park for a fab location and for letting a bunch of devs sleep in their mansion house.


Next year I’ll attend and try a hack, OTA has to be my favourite dev event I’ve ever been to.
If you can, goto OTA 2012 you will not be disappointed.

And some pics





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